An unsightly stain can quickly ruin the look of your outfit.  So when it happens to you and you need to remove fabric stains, what is the best approach?  Depending on the fabric and stain, washing your clothes can make the stain worse by setting into the fabric, so it becomes even more difficult to remove.  However, you do want to address a stain as quickly as possible.

Red Wine stains:

If it is a red wine stain, quickly dab (not rub) the stain with club soda or water.  If you rub the stain, you will spread the wine further over the fabric, therefore, dabbing is the way to go.  Then take the stained item to your dry cleaners as quickly as possible.  The sooner you can get it there, the better chance of completely removing the stain.

Sugared items:

Everyone loves sweets, except your clothes.  Pre treat the stain before washing and it should come out fine.  However, if your garment is not washable, let your dry cleaners handle it and be sure to tell them the garment has a stain.  If not treated, the sugar can caramelize over time, and the stain can turn yellow and then a darker yellow as time progresses. Yuck.

Ink stains:

Never rub and only use an absorbent cloth or paper towel to dab the stain.  This will soak up the excess ink, as long as you get to it quickly. Next apply hairspray to the stain.  Hairspray will dissolve the ink, making it easier to wash the ink out of the material. Spray liberally until the stain is saturated with hairspray, then dab with a damp cloth…again, no rubbing. Repeat application and dabbing until the stain lifts, then wash.  Be sure that you have gotten all the ink out before you dry the washed garment in a dryer, because the heat of a dryer will set the stain.  For best results, take the stained garment to your dry cleaners.  They are professionals and will know the best way to remove fabric stains.